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Testimonials :


Nutri Care Diet Clinic has always aimed at proliferating healthiness among populations. We have been providing our services to various people across India.

Here, we share a few stories, valuable feedbacks of some of our esteemed clients, who’ve achieved and more importantly, learnt the true sense of healthiness. We’re proud of them and we hope they’d be an inspiration for many.

Have a look at Success Stories of our clients below :



I have started with 81.3 kgs and now I am at 76.6 kgs and it’s like a dream come true… I have lost almost 4 kgs in just less than one month. This has been possible just by your yummy diet and supportive and helpful staff. I didn’t feel hungry at all as your diet is full of nutrition.. Thankyou Nutri Care… for making me healthy, definitely. More way to go !

- Kiran 

Lost 4.7kgs in One Month

Started eating healthy food after following a healthy diet. Enjoyed many new recipes and didn’t feel hungry. Enjoyed and tried recipes that even my kids also enjoyed.

It was a very good experience, beyond my expectations.

I am very much happy with their service and their motivation. They always motivate you to achieve your goal. In the starting I was not sure that it will work or not but when I joined Nutri Care Diet Clinic, it changed my lifestyle totally. I feel very happy when people compliment me.

- Rekha Y.

Lost 8kgs in 3 Months


I feel energetic after the healthy diet. Feel very positive. I have enjoyed so much. The Consultant is very good and always available to answer my queries. I loved the journey. When I started I was at 77 kgs and now I am at 73 kgs in one month. That’s a very good feeling.

- Priya S.

Lost 4kgs in One Month

I was able to reduce 5 kgs with the one month plan. I felt light. Most importantly, my problems due to PCOD got resolved. I have enjoyed all my meals. My experience was worth it. The Consultant was very helpful and knew what to suggest. I would say, it is very important to follow a good healthy diet because it boosts metabolism and keeps you more active throughout the day. It also helps in maintaining the overall health. Overall it was a very good experience. Glad I chose Nutricare.

- Shriyanshi

Lost 5kgs in One Month


I opted for 1 month plan which was a good experience throughout the duration. My gastric problems reduced with the diet. I did enjoy their recipes. The service provided by the Consultant was good.

- Jaya

Lost 2.7kgs in One Month

I truly enjoyed the entire duration of the plan, as well as, their dishes. I lost weight and observed inch loss too. I was satisfied with the immediate replies on my doubts. I realized it is very helpful and necessary to lead a healthy and fit life. My experience was worth it.

- Vishakha

Lost 6kgs in One Month


The journey was really superb. I enjoyed every bit of the entire 3 months plan! Their recipes were extremely good. I feel very much lighter now and the experience was worth it. The Consultant was very efficient. I realized a healthy and nutritious diet can cure all your health problems.

- Anjali P.

Lost Weight despite Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Excellent journey! I lost 4 kgs in just one month despite having PCOS. I feel much healthier now. I enjoyed the entire plan and all their dishes. The Consultant is very polite. She replied very quickly to all my queries and kept me motivated throughout the journey. I have learnt that a healthy diet is the soul of good health. It improves the functioning of human body and hence, is very important. The experience was absolutely worthy!

- Shruti

Lost 4kgs despite PCOD in One Month


I opted for the one month plan and achieved weight loss and inch loss. The Consultant was very friendly. Their recipes were good as well. Healthy diet totally helped me and it was a nice experience throughout.

- Mriganka

Lost 2.5kgs in One Month

I started the diet at 79.90 kgs. Before joining this plan, I struggled a lot to lose my weight, but failed to do so. As soon as I joined the plan there was drop in my weight and within 3 weeks I lost 2 kgs. Also, my skin improved a lot and the oil in my skin was controlled. I definitely enjoyed the suggested meals. I am very happy with the service. The Consultant was good and responded to all my questions and clarified all the doubts. The diet has been very helpful. Thank you for making me happy.

- Geetha

Lost 4kgs One Month


Feel very light. I have lost 4 kgs so far. Very good service by the consultants, was a very good journey

- Neha K.

Lost 4kgs in One Month

I feel I have become more active in daily life and my hormonal problem has been in control too. New and interesting dishes were recommended daily and the excitement of what is next motivated me to follow the diet. Every dish was enjoyable and tasty. The Consultant was very helpful and motivating, and showed great patience with me. It was a great journey. I had opted for the one month plan and I wish to continue further. I feel healthy diet should be followed by everyone. It makes your life better and healthier in many ways which we tend to ignore.

- Ananya

Lost 4kgs and 4 inches in One Month


I opted for the 1 month plan and achieved both weight and inch loss. It was a nice and worth it experience. The Consultant was very helpful and always available for queries. It is important to build a good eating habit and I did enjoy their recipes. Overall it was a nice experience.

- Ankita 

Lost 3.2kgs in One Month

Before taking the diet plan, I was very confused about it because so many questions were on my mind like, would I be able to follow it or not, would I lose my weight or not !!! I can say this, Yes, I have lost more than 3 Kgs weight in just 12 days !!! And willing to continue with this !

About the consultant, her availability and wide options of recipes is awesome 

Enjoyed alot !

I am happy and satisfied.

- Leena B.

Lost 3.3kgs in 12 Days


I feel very light after following the diet. Never was it so fun being on diet So many varieties of food was allowed still loosing weight.

Good diet is key to being happy is what i believe It solves so many small but important health issues which we tend to ignore.

The consultant was Extremely disciplined and friendly and always available for any doubts I had.
Super happy !

- Sunita

Lost 2kgs in One Month

It was a very good experience…. got to learn some new healthy recipes.

My weight issue was sorted out and felt light and healthy.

Very happy and satisfied with the Consultant. All my queries and doubts were answered within a few minutes of me asking it.

Best I liked is that they adhere to time….what when and how to eat.

It has been a very happy and satisfied journey.

- Savita


It was a good journey with healthy diet, given a good lifestyle change.
Enjoyed 100%
Nutri Care helped me meet my nutritional needs and reduced my fat from body in a month. The consultant was very supportive and encouraged alot.

- Diana S.

I ‘m really grateful to the consultant for her guidance and for the spontaneous response she has given me.

The diets provided to me was very tempting and I never felt craved for the outside foods n all.The diets are really healthier and the best part is I got the recipes too of each diet .

I really enjoyed all the fruits & veggies smoothies suggested by the consultants.

I felt lighter active and healthier.

It was fabulous and I shall endeavour.

- Yukti P.

Lost 4.5kgs in 2 Months


I opted for the one month plan and I feel more energetic and positive after joining the plan. I thoroughly enjoyed their smoothies and my experience has been worth it! The service provided by the Consultant was good. I do feel a proper and healthy diet is very helpful. The journey with Nutri Care was good and I did not even feel like I was on a diet!

- Babitha 

Lost 2kgs in One Month

Healthy diet actually plays a very important role in our present life style, especially in this pandemic situation. I chose the one month plan and it was nice and enjoyable. I completely loved the meals. I had never thought healthy food could be so yummy. The Consultant was very nice and spontaneous. My experience has been worth it. I feel light and more active now!

- Shilpa G.


It was an amazing experience throughout. The difference before and after following the plan is noticeable. I loved and enjoyed the meals suggested by them. The Consultant is very co-operative and it is easy to bond with her. I do believe healthy diet is quite impactful. The journey has been fabulous.

- Taiyyaba

After adopting their one month diet plan, I forgot all about junk food. I haven't eaten any junk food from the past 2 months and moreover, do not have cravings for it! I never knew I could lose so much of weight with just a healthy diet. The Consultant was very helpful throughout the plan and it was a worthy experience. I totally enjoyed the entire duration of the plan, as well as, their meals.

- Himani

Lost 4kgs and 3.5 inches in Two Months


When I first started this journey, I never ever thought that I could lose weight. But after following the plan by Nutri Care, I developed a very good lifestyle. Being a house wife I always felt, I was neglecting myself, but now I am able to do a lot for myself too. This healthy diet helped me in many ways. I realized what rubbish I was eating before. Thanks a lot to my mentor for always motivating me! Team Nutri Care is doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!  It was a wonderful experience!

- Ruchi T.

Lost 5kgs in Three Weeks

I am very happy with the plan and have lost weight. I did enjoy the recipes. The service of the Consultant was very good and she was responsive. I have realized that it is necessary to eat right to stay healthy. I would like to thank the entire team of Nutri Care for this great experience.

- Sruthika 

Lost 8.5kgs in Two Months


It was a nice experience throughout. I enjoyed all the meals suggested. I feel more energetic and fresh now! The Consultant was very supportive throughout the month and whenever I asked any query, she was always there to answer. The healthy diet is totally impactful and I am always going to follow this for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

- Anjana

Lost 8kgs and 4 inches in One Month

I achieved weight loss, as well as, inch loss with the plan. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire duration. All their recipes were great. The Consultant was very co-operative. It was a nice experience overall. Thanks a lot.

- Rosa

Lost 3kgs in One Month

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